1. Click the Terms tab on the left sidebar.
  2. Select the term you are copying classes from.
  3. Click the Copy Term Classes button,.
  4. Click in the drop-down menu that comes up, select the Term that you would like to copy classes to.
  5. If you would like all of your students to automatically populate into the same classes as the previous Term, select the “Keep students in the same classes” option. 

  6. Click Copy Classes to duplicate classes from one Term to another.
  7. Notes to Keep in Mind:
    1. You cannot copy classes into a Term that already has classes in it.
    2. You can manually add, delete, or copy classes from a prior term at any point.  Copying classes from one term to another will not limit your ability to make further changes.
    3. Since Exam Terms only include academic classes and disregard classes such as attendance, term comments, etc., it is impossible to copy classes from an Exam Term into a new Term.

Note:  By default, you can only copy classes into a consecutive term, such as from Quarter 1 into Quarter 2.  In addition, since   To override this safety mechanism, navigate to the Settings tab on the left sidebar, and then click the General sub-tab at the top of the page.  Select the option Temporarily allow early copying of term classes to be able to make the necessary changes