Standard class types:

These classes will count towards a student’s GPA if the grade scale used is set to “Calculate GPA” and if GPA values are set for each grade value within that grade scale (eg. “A” has a GPA value of 4). Also, the class units will determine its weight compared to other classes. For example, a class worth 2 credits will be given twice as much weight compared to a class only worth 1 credit.


Credit/No Credit class types:

These classes are just like the Standard type classes except they will only get a CR (Credit) or a NC (No Credit) for a final grade and these classes don’t affect a student’s GPA. If a student gets a CR in one of these classes then the student will get the credits or units associated with this class, such as towards graduation requirements. Otherwise, if they get a NC, then they will get zero credits. You can set the actual percentage grade that determines the cutoff point of whether a student gets a CR or a NC on the ‘Settings’ page under the ‘Credit/No Credit Classes: Minimum passing grade:’ option


**Only Credit / No credit class types can be used to count Credits but exclude GPA calculation.  If the class type is Standard then the credits are only counted if the class counts towards GPA; otherwise it will show ‘N/A’ for units to indicate that it is not applicable.

GPA is affected by classes that:

  1. Use the “Standard” class type.
  2. Have more than zero credits/units.
  3. Use a grade scale that is set to “Calculate GPA”
  4. The grade scale used has GPA values set for each grade option.

*The classes must satisfy ALL of the above conditions