Why don’t the GPAs match between the GPA & Scores Report and the Year Average GPA on the report card?


While at first this may look like an error, these reports are actually calculating GPA in specific ways that make the most sense for their intended outcome.

On the report card, the Yearly Average GPA is not derived from the averaging of the two semester GPA numbers. Rather, it is derived solely from the letter grades that are in the Yearly Average column above it. This is an intentional choice in order to have the GPA make the most sense with regard to the year average letter grades. If we were to take the semester average GPAs, say 4.0 and 3.96, and simply average those numbers, we could end up at a situation where a student has all straight “A”s (each carrying 4.0), yet have a 3.98 GPA for the year, instead of the expected 4.0. Therefore we honor the letter grades in the Yearly Average column as the source for the Yearly Average GPA.



By contrast, the GPA and Scores report isn’t concerned with yearly averages per se. But it anticipates that if you:

  • select Semester 1 only and see 4.00 for Abe
  • select Semester 2 only and see 3.96 for Abe
  • select Semesters 1 & 2 together, you are fully expecting to see 3.98 for Abe

Given these factors, if you need class rankings for your students we recommend using the GPA & Scores report. And although the feature is available, we would also recommend not displaying the yearly average GPA on your report cards, unless it’s really critical (colleges generally don’t require this) AND you don’t need class rankings.