1. Click the Terms tab on the left side-bar.

2. In the Term Title box, create a title such as “Exam 1 2016-2017”, with the Report Title “Ex 1”.

3. Under the Parent Term drop-down menu, choose the corresponding parent term, such as “Semester 1 2016-2017”.

4. Select the box marked Exam Term and enter a percentage weight for the term to represent within the Parent term; i.e., An Exam Term weight of 20% would mean that the two Quarters under the Semester parent term would be worth 40% each.

5. Click the Add button to apply the new Exam Term you’ve created.

6. Just before the Exam term begins at the end of the Parent term, use the Copy Term Classes button to copy classes from the most recent term (in the example, Quarter 2) into the Exam term.  Do not copy classes earlier than this.