1. Select the first term (i.e., Semester #1, Quarter #1, etc.) from the Terms tab on the left sidebar.  This should be the term you plan to copy classes from.
  2. Click the “Copy Term Classes” button, and select the term you’d like to copy classes to from the drop-down menu.  Keep the “Keep students in the same classes” option marked if you’d like to auto-populate classes in the second term.
  3. After copying your classes into the second term, select the new term from the menu on the right side of the page.  From here, select the box labeled “Active“.  This will make it so parents and teachers can see the classes from this term.
  4. Similarly, select the first term from the menu on the right side of the page, and make sure the “Active” box is no longer marked.

NoteAs a precaution, Gradelink prevents early copying of classes.  To override this safety measure, click the Settings tab, then the General sub-tab at the top of the page, and mark the option labeled “Temporarily allow early copying of term classes“.

This will also allow you to copy classes from one term to any other term, regardless of whether or not the second term immediately follows the first.