1. Click the Administrator Reports tab on the left sidebar, then navigate to the Progress Reports button.
  2. Select the Term you’d like to run a report for.  The more recent term will be automatically selected, but if you have more than one “Active” term, you can select between them here.
  3. Enter a Report Title.  This will headline the top of the Progress Report, and should be something similar to “Progress Report 2015-2016”.
  4. Select the Student(s) you’d like to run a Progress Report for.  There are three ways to select Students:
    1. Individual ReportThis will allow you to run a Progress Report for a single Student.
    2. Run By Class: This lets you select a “Homeroom” and run Progress Reports for all Students that are populated into that class.
    3. Grade Level: Allows you to select all Students that fall into a specific grade level.
  5. Check any additional items that you would like to display on your Progress Reports.
  6. Click Submit to run your Progress Reports.