There are two ways to view a transcript but only one way to edit it. Limited administrator accounts cannot produce transcripts unless a full administrator provides access.

To view a transcript

  1. Click the Students tab and select a student
  2. Click the Academics sub tab then Transcript

To view and/or print a transcript

  1. Click the Transcript tab
  2. Click View Transcript and select a student
  3. Click the either the Print icon or PDF icon at the top of your screen.

Certifying Transcripts

Transcripts may be generated with the certifying official’s name, title and date fields already filled in, so all that is needed is the signature of the certifying official.

  1. Click the Transcript tab then Transcript options in the top right
  2. Click the Manage Report Profiles button at the lower left.  
  3. Select the General profile (or the profile typically used) in the upper right.
  4. Enter the name and title of the certifying official. 
  5. Indicate by yes or no whether or not the date the transcript is signed should be displayed.
  6. Click on the Save button next to each field that has been changed.