When you are ready to allow students and/or parents to view published report cards, click the Settings tab then the Student or Parent sub tab and check, “Show Published Report Cards”. Published report cards are only visible to parents/students when enabled using the “Settings” tab > “Parent” sub-tab > “Show published Report Cards” option. This allows you to publish all report cards for the school, view them for extra verification, and then enable the report cards on the parent/student interface when ready.

Next time parents or students login, they will see their report if one has been produced for them. If no report card has been produced their screen will not look any different then it usually does. Students and parents can download a PDF version of their report card from their login. The report card is placed in the top right corner if one is available. If a paperless report card has not been produced for the student then the top right corner will be blank. The date and time is captured when the student/parent downloads the report card in order to review it.

Note: Publishing report cards without giving access to the students is a good way to get copies of the report cards to your teachers for their review. Once approved you can simply enable “Show published Report Cards” on the “Settings” tab under “Teacher” and report cards will be offered to students once they log in.