While you can run a Preview of a Report Card, you cannot generate a blank Report Card that is void of a Student's Name, Grade Level, etc. Gradelink generates these Report Cards based on the classes a student is taking - they are not necessarily "fixed" templates that list the same classes and settings for every student (in the way that Microsoft Word or Excel templates are “fixed”). 

Report cards are more like a receipt (in that they reflect a list of specific purchases that a person makes) - so in the same vein, report cards reflect a list of specific classes a student has. And like with receipts, they may vary from student to student depending on their grade level, etc. Take for example a 6th grade student who's taking a 7th grade math course - this Report Card will ultimately be different from a 6th grade student who is taking just 6th grade courses, not to mention that there might be some variances in between grade scales, units, and sub-grades between the 7th and 6th grade classes.

If you'd like to print a blank Report Card because the grades were saved in a gradebook other than Gradelink (and you just want to enter the final grades), it may be easier to just enter the final grades into Gradelink. Read more on this here.