1. A class has the incorrect grade scale, how do I fix this?

2. The incorrect grade scale is showing, what do I do?


If the wrong grade scale is set for a class, you can change it on the Classes tab because grade scales are associated to individual classes and a student’s grade will display on their report card based on the grade scale associated to each class. Classes can have up to two grade scales:

  • Standard Class Types can have a different grade scale for the grade sheet (set via the Grade Scale drop down on the Classes tab) and Sub-Grades (which is set via the Manage Custom Class Types and Sub-Grades page).
  • Custom Class Types have only one grade scale, which is set on the Manage Custom Class Types and Sub-Grades page.

Grade scale legends for the:

  • Letter Landscape and Tri-Fold3 are configured by hand. Thus, changing a grade scale for the class does not update the legend. You can contact Gradelink support to update your legends.
  • Multi-Term and Muli-Term Two Column are updated automatically. If the legend shows incorrect grade scales, it means that one or more of the classes are assigned to an incorrect grade scale. To resolve this, click the Classes tab, select a class and change the grade scale.