After a prospect is added, you can begin to take notes. Click on the name of the prospect to access the Workflow window.  The top portion of the Workflow window is for making notes about contact with the prospect, and the bottom portion displays the prospect’s contact information. This prospect information is either filled in individually by an administrator, or by the prospect if the Prospective Student Form is embedded on your school’s website. The table below describes each of the fields and we highly recommend that you customize the drop down menus for each field. Click here to customize the menus.


Tip: When adding notes, include the date and your name so you know when you last contacted them.

For example:

"(3/12, Mark) 
Called Jean and scheduled a tour for 3/15 at 2pm."

Description of Fields

Tags are searchable pieces of text that can be applied to a record. Multiple tags can be added to a single record and they can be used to for any tracking purpose. For example, tags can be used to track programs of interest, IEP status, Town of residence etc. Customize Tags on the Admin sub tab
An administrator can make notes about meetings or phone calls with the prospect
Follow-up Date
The date to follow up.
Next Follow-Up Action
A customizable list of follow up actions. Customize on the Admin sub tab
Close Date / Status
The date the prospect stopped being a prospect either because they enrolled at your school or decided to enroll elsewhere. Once a Close Date is added, the prospect’s Status changes from “Open” to “Closed”. Open prospects are displayed on the list by default.
Closing Disposition
A description of why the prospect closed. Examples may include, Enrolled, Enrolled elsewhere, and Lost contact. You may want to list the specific school the prospect choose to go to so you can analyze the other school’s offerings.
Student Name
Name of student
Date of Birth
Date of Birth
Contact / Address / Phone & Email
Parent/Guardian Name / Address / Phone & Email
Grade Entering
The grade the student will be entering at the beginning of the school year
Name of Current School
Name of the school the student is currently attending
How Heard About School
How the prospect heard about the school
Log Date
Date and time the record was entered

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