1. Click the Settings tab
  2. Click “Class Attn. Settings” in the lower right
  3. Adjust the attendance titles and/or abbreviated Report Legend
  4. Click Save Changes

Schools that take attendance in multiple class periods can now add specific, numeric absence values to the Class based attendance. These values on each mark are summed up with the Absence Grand Total, which is the sum of a student’s attendance marks multiplied by their corresponding Absent Values.

For example: If attendance mark “Absent” has an absent value of 1.0 and attendance mark “Morning Absent” has an absent value of 0.5, then a student who was marked “Absent” once and “Morning Absent” three times would have an Absence Grand Total of 2.5 (1.0 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5). What this figure represents is up to your school, for example periods, class sessions, etc. This feature is intended primarily for use with Class-based Attendance. The Absence Grand Total is available on the Custom Attendance Report, Attendance/Conduct by Student report and Attendance Per Class report.


To adjust the Class Absent values for your school, from an Administrator Account go to Settings > Class Atten. Settings