Emails can be sent to the entire School, or to specific groups. The email groups are created automatically by Gradelink. Emails may be composed in Gradelink and you can attach files created with tools like word processors or desktop publishers. Emails are sent to recipient inboxes such as and, so the recipient does not need to log into Gradelink to view the email.

For security reasons each recipient is emailed separately, and cannot see the email addresses of other recipients.

Email blasting can be useful for tasks such as:

  • Newsletters – as a supplement to, or a replacement of a printed, mailed newsletter
  • Assignment reminders – teachers can send reminders to students and parents of important due dates
  • Campus updates – perhaps a major donation or building project update
  • Short-notice events – guest speakers, VIP visits, concerts, or other special assemblies
  • Reaching out to alumni
  • Registration emails and reminders