• The “From” address is always school@gradelink.com or notification@secure.gradelink.com
  • The “Reply to” address will display as the sender's "School" email address associated with the Gradelink account sending the email. 
    • The address is set by a Gradelink administrator using the staff tab and entering an email for each staff. 
    • This email is used as the reply address when sending emails and the receiving address when emails are sent to the staff.
  • Senders ‘name’ also comes from the staff page. This can also be manually overridden.
  • Recipients never see who else the email is being sent to. This is because emails are actually sent one at at time but you can leave the page as soon as you click “send”.
  • All out-bound email can also be monitored by a principal. 
  • The emails can be BCC’d to the principal’s inbox or to a generic email account which is shared by multiple staff.
  • For one-way communication, check the ‘Hide Address’ box at the top so the recipient can’t reply. 
  • To send an email to someone who isn’t at the school, use the third box in the ‘To:’ section. You can use this in conjunction with a group email.
  • Parents can alter their email when they log in. They can set up multiple email accounts to forward the email to multiple accounts. Any time they update their email address, Gradelink sends it to the new account automatically. No maintenance is needed.
  • Email groups are set up automatically based on grade level, access (student/parent vs staff) and subject. Emails are sent only to active students (with the exception of the "Alumni" email group).

Technical details on Family Email groupings

After you “send” a bulk email, Gradelink first determines how to greet each recipient and make sure each recipient is only contacted one time. The following process is used.

  1. If the email was listed for just one account id, then it is addressed using the student’s first and last name.  It is also considered to be a “student” email address.
  2. If the email was listed for multiple account id’s, then it is considered to be a “parent” email address.  Only one email is sent to the parent even though the email may be listed under multiple account id’s. The email is addressed to the first name of each student.