Administrators can use the "Grade Level" and "Division" filters to show only students of a certain grade level. This makes populating classes easier, because you can filter to show only 6th graders, highlight all 6th graders in the system, and then add them all to the 6th grade classes. 

For Administrators (and teachers who have Populate Classes ability), the Populate Classes screen also has a “Class” filter. Once you have a particular class populated with students, you can easily select that same group of students using the “Class” filter, then populate them into additional classes as you normally would. This can be helpful for mixed classes such as "Attendance 1 & 2" and "Music 1 & 2". 

Additionally, when you select a different class at the very top drop-down menu, the grade level and class filter on the left side will be remembered instead of resetting. Also, a student count will display below each of the lists.