When selecting an individual student to add into a class, Gradelink will highlight any potential conflicts regarding identical class titles and/or periods. Putting a student into multiple classes with a Report Title of “Mathematics” for instance will cause issues on the report card, as we aren’t certain which is the “real” Mathematics class. This happens often when students switch grade levels mid-year as administrators occasionally forget to remove them from the old classes they are no longer in. Therefore Gradelink will now block this from happening with an alert.

Likewise, if a student is already populated in a class for period 3, Gradelink will prevent adding the student into another period 3 class until they are removed from the first one. This setting will be initially left off for all schools.

Both of these settings can be disabled from the Settings > General tab.

Additionally, class titles in the drop down menus and Classes tab will show the current student count (e.g. S:23).