What is the Login Info Report?

The Login Info Report is a customizable report that displays login information for Student accounts and any associated Parent/Family accounts.

Distributing Student and/or Parent Login Information

To print or email Login information for an individual Student/Parent:

  1. From the Students tab ensure the Main sub tab is selected
  2. Select a student on the left
  3. Click the Login Info button
  4. Select a Report Profile and then configure display options, including Language, visibility of family accounts, and information about the Gradelink app
  5. Print or Email your report

Distributing Login Information for all Students and/or Parents

To print or email login information for all Students and/or Parents at your school, you'll use the Login Info Memo.

  1. From the Students tab click the View/Export sub tab
  2. Click Login Info Memo
  3. Select a Report Profile, a Grade Level, and/or a specific Class and then configure any additional display options 
  4. Print or Email your memo


Customizing the Student/Parent Login Letter

The Login Information Report as well as the Login Info Memo can be customized to fit your school's unique needs. 

If you're interested in personalizing your login letters, please contact Gradelink Support.