The Medical tab is a place to record and view a student's medical history, immunization status, medications, exams and visits to the school nurse. As an admin you can customize the choices in each drop down menu to reduce the time it takes to write an issue and to enforce consistent documentation.

  1. Click the Students tab then the Admin sub tab.
  2. Select "Coding" on the top left. 
  3. Items starting with the word "Medical" are drop down menus found on the medical page. 
  4. Either select and item to edit the information, or click "Add" to add a new item.                                                                      

Description of drop down menu options

Adding new items to this list will remove the “stock” list and replace it with your own custom list.

21. Immunization Types: A list of common Immunizations is already built in. 

22. Medical – Visit Reasons: Symptoms the student experienced or reason the student is seeing the nurse. Ex. “Meds”, “fell down” or “headache”

23. Medical – Findings: Items the nurse found such as “bleeding”, “bruises” or “vomit”

24. Medical – Treatments: Steps the nurse took to care for the student such as “band-aid” or “ice pack”

25. Medical – Referral types: Person(s) nurse informed as a result or to offer additional care such as “Mom”, “Dad” or “paramedics”