You can track student immunizations and create reports in Gradelink. The feature is located in the Student tab SIS, in the Medical section. The most common Immunizations/Vaccines are pre-set and can be selected from the drop-down menu. For Immunizations with multiple dosages required, you have the ability to record the date of each dosage, as well as the due date of the next dosage. 


On the Immune Status page you can document common state-requirements in regards to immunizations. This includes allowing a staff member to digitally sign-off after transcribing the documents, marking if a student is up-to-date or exempt, as well as specific results for TB tests and chest X-rays. 


From this data, you can run an Immunization Report for a group of students or a single student on the Reports tab across the top of the screen. This report can then be exported for printing.