1. Click the Classes Tab.
  2. In the Class Title enter the name of the class such as “Comments”. We recommend appending the grade level (ex. "Comments 3").
  3. In the Report Title enter the title you want to display on the report card. This name appears in bold before each comment.
  4. In the Teacher field select the main teacher who will write the comments. This is the teacher whose name will appear automatically on the comments. 
  5. In the "Secondary Teacher(s)" field, select any additional teachers who will be writing comments. 
  6. Change the Class Type from Standard to Term Comments.
  7. Click Save.

NoteIf you are using this option, make sure to instruct your teachers to sign their comments when typing, otherwise the comments will not distinguish between which teachers wrote which comments. If you do not wish to do this, you can create a separate term comments class for each teacher and populate students into all applicable comments classes.