How Teachers enter Effort marks

Effort: Effort provides a method for teachers to indicate additional information about a student’s effort or traits or anything else which may or may not be reflected in the grade.

  • It does not affect Grades or GPA.
  • It can appear on the Report Card and Progress Report but not the Transcript.
  • It does not appear on the student/parent interface.
  • It cannot be averaged for a year average grade.
  • Only Staff with Administrator access can enable and customize the settings.
  • Once enabled, the teacher can use them at any time.
  • Is is either enabled for all classes or no classes.

This is where you can put Effort , that can be include it in Progress Reports and some Report Cards, your Administrator can change this Title, for Example: (Excellent, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory) and even the name "Effort" could be change to "Conduct" or anything else.

Customize Effort Settings

  1. Click the Settings tab
  2. Click the Class Category button.

Edit here the Effort description like Excellent, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement & Unsatisfactory.

Click "Save Changes"

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