1. Left Column: Select a student on the left hand side. 

2. Form Status: Here is where you can approve students for your school. You can also mark them as started if they need to edit any information.

3. Link to Student: If the student is already enrolled in the school and they fill out a new enrollment application, you can Link it to a current student here.

4.  Import to Family ID: If you would like to link the new student to a particular family, you can do this here. 

5. School Session: Here is where you will find the school session. If it is the incorrect session, you can change it here.

6. Enrollment Processing Notes: If you need to make internal notes in EnrollMe, you can do so here. Parents will NOT see these notes.

7. Status Update History: This is a log of the status changes an administrator has made.

8. EnrollMe Online Family Payments: This is a log of the payments a family has made.