The Online Forms page allows Administrators and other Staff to view or edit the information recorded in an application. For example, if a Parent submits an application but needs to change their contact information, Staff can manually edit the application to correct it.

If you would like to view or edit the information included in an application:

1. In the Workflow tab, select the application you'd like to view/edit from the list on the left.

2. Change the form status to "Started".

3. Click "Online Forms".

4. Check the Box "This form has not been completed and submitted online, you may click here to enter it manually." at the top of the page.

5. Make any necessary changes.

Don't forget to change the form status back in "Workflow" once you're done.

Note: If you make changes to an application that has already been imported, those changes will not automatically take effect. Instead, you will have to re-import the application.