Students with “Approved” forms can be imported to the Students tab with the status of either,”Re-enrollment” or “New Enrollment”.


To Import a student:

  1. Click the EnrollMe tab on the left bar and select any student from the student’s list.
  2. Make sure that their status is set to “Approved”.
  3. Click the Import sub-tab at the top of the page.

     4. Click the Create Import button.  When Importing re-enrollments, this will allow you to see what parts of the student’s information that will be updated by the Blue arrows.

     5. Click the Run Import Now button.

Note: In order to prevent student grade levels from incrementing twice, importing will not change grade levels of existing students in the Students tab. This allows schools to use the promote feature without worrying about whether a student’s EnrollMe application has already increased their grade level