Possible scenario:

 1. A student has two accounts created for him or her. They need to be merged into one so that they only have one account.


The solution depend on if the school uses EnrollMe. There are two ways of doing this.

Option 1

If a student is returning to the school and has enrolled as a new enrollment, that application will need to be applied to the old account. To do so:

To combine the students, you will need to re-import them to the original accounts. You will need to activate the student's old account. Go to the Students tab -> change the drop down menu to "All Inactive" -> search for the student and change the Status to "Active".Now there will be 2 active accounts for the student. One has new updated contact information and one with academic information. What we now need to do is re-import the new application to her old account.

To do this is go to the EnrollMe tab and find the student's application. Change the student's form status from "Approved" to "Started". In the drop down menu next for form status called, "Link to Student (Import as reenrollment)", change the account to the student's old account. This will now link the application to the student's old account. Change the student's status back to "Approved". Then go to the Import tab and click "Create Import" and then click "Run Import". Now the new information will display on the student's old account that has all the academic information in it.

You can now delete the account that was imported with no academic information.

Option 2: 

If the student has two accounts that both have academic information, you will need to send in an email to service@gradelink.com letting us know what student needs to be merged. Also let us know the ID number that the student will keep.