1. A student was accidentally added twice to the system.


Removal or inactivation of a student. 


Gradelink recommends marking Students "Inactive" instead of deleting them. You are not charged for "Inactive" Students. Once you delete a Student, ALL data will be Deleted for that student.

If a student is no longer attending, you should mark them as Inactive or Alumni.

Gradelink will prevent you from completely deleting a student if the student has any grades or attendance records. This is a built in safety feature of Gradelink.

If you are deleting a student who has information, enter the information into the other account or save it on your computer. Remember, it will delete ALL information. 

To override the safety and delete an account and the related grades or attendance:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click on "General"
  3. Check “Temporarily allow deletion of students or classes that contain data
  4. "Save Changes"

Delete the Student:

      1. Navigate to the Students tab.

      2. Click on the Student and hit Delete.