1. On your report card you need to add a teacher's name. 

2. Teacher's name is incorrect on the report card.

3. Incorrect teacher's name displaying on the report card?


There are different answers depending on the type of report card you use. Below are the different types.

1. Multi-term and Multi-term 2 column

2. Letter Landscape

For the Multi-term and Multi-term 2 column, this setting can be found in the Report Card Options.

1. Click on Report Card Options and check the check box of Show Teacher Name.

2. Click on Save Profile Settings to save.

**If the teacher name shows incorrectly, this means the class is assigned to the wrong teacher. This field pulls from the assigned teacher. 

1. For the Letter Landscape report card, you will need to contact Gradelink about the issue. We can update it on our end. 

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