1. I need to change the title of a class on the report card.


You will need to update the report title in the classes tab. If it is not the start of a new school year, remember to do this for all terms of the school year. If you are doing this mid year, you will need to allow yourself to make changes to the classes. This is done by going to the Settings tab -> General tab -> "Temporarily allow changes to classes after the 1st term of the school year". 

1. Go to the Classes tab.

2. Select the term that the class is in.

3. Select the class you would like to change. 

4. You can change both the Class Title and the Report Title. Remember the Report Title is the name that appears on the report card and transcript. 

5. Click Save. 

Important: If you are changing the name mid-year, you will need to make this change for ALL terms.