Possible Scenario(s): 




  1. Select a subject from the drop down menu at the top of the page.
  2. Click “Assignment Types”. Fill in the form as follows:

    1. Assignment Type Title: Final Grade
    2. Weight: 100%
    3. Click “Add Type” Note: Assignment types is where you can setup your grade
      book’s weighting or ‘non-weighting’.  Click here to learn more.
  3. Click “Assignments”

    1. Enter a title for the assignment such as “Final Grade”.
    2. Choose a “Grading Style” which is the method you want to use when entering the final grade.
    3. Click “Grade Assignment”
  4. Enter the grade you wish and click “Submit”

  5. Note: The grade you enter represents the student's final grade for the quarter or trimester.  The assignment can use any assignment type regardless of the weighting.
  6. To enter an Alternative Grade in place of the final grades, such as ‘INC’ Incomplete, click the student's final grade that is in the column titled ‘Class Grade’. Do not click the title Class Grade. Use the drop down menu titled Alternative Grade to replace the final grade with something from the menu and click Submit.
  7. Some subjects have Sub-Grades in addition to the overall grade coming from the Grade Sheet. To enter Sub-Grades click the button on the left titled Sub-Grades.

When you are finished entering final grades, the Administration will Conclude all of the classes. When a class is Concluded the final grade is added to the Report Card and Transcript. The videos demonstrate an option for Teachers to Conclude but the Administration has chosen to Conclude all classes for staff.