1. What is the correct size for student photos in Gradelink?

2. What size photo should I upload to Gradelink?


Photos with a 4:3 crop ratio will fit perfectly without distortion. Acceptable image formats include .jpg and .png.

To upload Student Photos: 

1. Click the thumbnail image or the “Add” link and choose an image saved on your computer or a CD/DVD. 

2. The “Del” link will remove the selected image. It is not necessary to delete an old photo to upload a new one. 

  •  You can upload multiple photos for a student over time, allowing you to keep images of the student for each year/grade level. 

4. Clicking the blue arrow buttons will cycle through any uploaded photos for that Student.

5. The Student photo currently displays for Administrators on this page, and will be visible to Teachers shortly on the Student Info PANEL (from the Grade sheet)

Another page where you can use to upload Pictures and documents is under "Files"

  1. Click on the Students TAB
  2. Select the Student
  3. Click on "Files"
  4. Click "Add New" to upload the picture or multiple Pictures

*You could remove the files from here or change the pictures if you prefer.