1. Go to the Communicate tab.

2. Click on Teacher Pages at the top.

3. Select the class on the left. The Announcements tab is used for items that you would like everyone to see. Meaning if you teach multiple classes, everyone who takes one will see your announcement page. 

4. To get started, click on Edit

1. Click on New Post to start a post. 

1. Always enter in a title for the post. Your teacher page will not save until there is a title entered. 

2. Add the content you would like to add to the page. 

3. Click on the Publish button to publish the page. 

1. You can Unpublish the post here. 

2. You can Share you post for others if you would like to link it to an email.

3. If you would like to add another post, you can do so here. 

4. If you make changes to the current post, you will save the changes here. 

5. To preview the post, click here. 

6. To delete the post, click here. 

7. When you are finished, click on Done