1. How do I add grades for a student that is also going to another school?

2. How do I enter grades onto a transcript?


You can manually add grades from another school directly onto Transcripts.

1. Click on the “Transcripts” tab

2. Click on the “Add Grades” at the top

3. Select the student from the list to the right

4. Under Term Tile type the other school name and term you want to appear on the transcripts.  The start and end dates are only used to order the terms chronologically; the dates entered will not be printed on the Transcript.

5. Under Class Title type the class name from the other school. Select the grade scale, and enter the units (enter zero to exclude the class from GPA calculation).

6.  Enter the grade earned, and select the grade level of the student at the time the class was taken.  

7. Click on the Add To Transcript button