WISE Data - Set up

NOTE: Your school will need to contact the DPI and subscribe to Gradelink as your SIS vendor. Nothing below can be done until this is finished. 


1. Add in key demographic data for students

2. Export students and upload to DPI for WISE IDs.

3. Verify all students and save to DPI.

Key demographic data for all students

Proceed to Settings -> 

1. The Choice button, applies the Choice tag to all students. This is ideal for schools who have most Choice students. 

2. The Language button will set all students English Proficiency -> "Fully Proficient".

3. The Economic button will set all students as true.

4. The Lunch button will set all students as Free. 

Note: If not all students are Choice students, then you will either need to manually add or remove these tags for the students. If only a few students are not Choice, it is recommended to apply the items for all students and then remove them from the few students. 

How to add key demographic data per student

Choice Tag for each WISEdata Student.

Screenshot from 2017-10-13 12-55-09.png

Certain data from Documents is translated to WISEdata portal.  Use the “Apply All” buttons under Settings to quickly add Low Income, Lunch, Language and Choice Tags.

Screenshot from 2017-10-13 12-55-26.png

Exporting the students to WISE to get WISE IDs

WISE Id Export will produce a spreadsheet that is used to import Students without WISEids.

Screenshot from 2017-10-13 12-50-34.png

Once a spreadsheet is consumed by the DPI, another spreadsheet is produced in which the WISEid’s are provided for each Student.  Upload this spreadsheet back into Gradelink.

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Demographics WISEdata page

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