Possible Scenario:

1. How is the projected semester grade calculated?

2. What is it the projected semester grade?

3. Will Exam Term grades affect the projected semester grade?


The projected semester grade is the average grade of the "nested" terms. To display the Projected Semester Grade on a class GradeSheet:

  1. As an Administrator, navigate to the Terms tab on the left side of the page.
  2. Select the terms to be “nested” under a “Parent Term”; i.e., having Quarters 1 and 2 nested underneath a Semester 1 Parent Term.
  3. If the class doesn't have the Exam term, the projected semester grade is the average of Q1 and Q2.
  4. If the class has the Exam Term and the Exam Term counts 20% of the grades, then the projected semester grade equals to Q1*40%+Q2*40%+ET *20%.

Assure that the class attributes (Grade Scale, Class Type, Teacher First & Last Name, Report Title) are the same in Quarter 1 as they are in Quarter 2.