Possible Scenario:

1.  Can I add an image in the body of an email?

2.  How do I insert an image (jpeg/pdf) in the body of an email?

Currently Gradelink does not support inserting images directly from your computer. You can upload your photos to a free hosting site like imgur.com.  Once the image is being hosted, then you can add the link to the URL box in the Image properties in the email.

1. Go to Imgur.com.

2. Click on "New Post"

3. Click on "Browse" and find the image in your PC to open.

4. Right click on the image and select "copy image address".

5. Go to Gradelink and click on the Image icon and paste into URL.

6. Click on "OK" (no need to fill out the rest of the boxes).  

The image will appear on the body of your email.