Marzano Topics were invented by Robert J. Marzano. Enabling Marzano topics allow standards to be grouped by one or more topic. Optionally, report card can also show Marzano Topics.


There is no cost to Marzano Topics

Enabling Marzano Topics will not alter the way your report card looks nor will it change which standards are used at your school. 

Enabling Marzao Topics

As a full admin, go to the classes tab, select a subject and enable Marzano Topics. 


Teacher View:

For teachers, standards are grouped into Marzano topics whether they appear in lesson plans or assignments.  


If Marzano Topics are enabled, the Standards Met report will show standards grouped by Marzano topic

If Marzano Topics are enabled, the report card will have an option to show Marzano Topics.  Marzano Topics do not appear on the report card by default. One must select this option separately on the report card profile to enable it.