Possible Scenario:

1. An Administrator would like to see progress towards completing standards for every class in their school.

2. An Administrator would like to see how teachers performed during a particular academic term or terms.


The Standards By Teacher Report allows Administrators to view how many Standards were attempted and how many were met for every teacher or class during specific academic terms.

This report is located in the "Teacher" section of the Administrator Reports tab.

To run the report, select one or more terms from the Term drop-down menu on the left. If you only want to view standards information for a specific teacher, you can optionally select a teacher from the drop-down menu directly below. Once you're done making your selections, press the Submit button.

It's important to note that Gradelink groups information on this report by Teacher, Subject, and Class - in that order. 

A subject is one or more classes with the same teacher and class title within the selected terms. This is important because teachers often teach the same group standards over multiple terms for a particular subject. For example, when classes are setup prior to the start of an academic year, a single, comprehensive group of standards for the class “Algebra II” will be created in Gradelink. As the school year progresses, a teacher will pull only a handful of standards at a time from the "Algebra II" standards group in each term. Therefore, in order to accurately display how teachers actually make use of standards in Gradelink, standards information is grouped by subject for the selected terms.

If you would like to view information about standards for a particular class, you can click on its name to view a Standards Met report for that class.

For this report, PDF generation is not supported. This is because it is an interactive report and not just static text or images. Therefore, if you would like to print the report you must do so by printing directly from your browser. Most browsers include their own built in PDF creation tool if you require a PDF version of the report. If you are going to print through your browser, Gradelink highly recommends that you check the option "Print Background Colors” in your browser's Printer Settings menu.