New to Gradelink? Or maybe just looking to brush up on your skills? The Administrator Training will teach you all of the tools you'll need to manage your school using Gradelink.



The Administrator Training includes all of the subjects you are likely to encounter during a typical school year, including:

  • Taking Attendance
  • Managing Staff and Students
  • Starting and Ending Terms
  • Creating and Populating Classes
  • Configuring Grade Scales
  • Generating Report cards, Progress Reports, and Transcripts
  • Customizing Gradelink Settings

In addition to video content, the Administrator Training also includes a self-quiz that allows Administrators to test their understanding of the material.

After we receive confirmation that you have completed the Administrator Training, we’ll send two emails: the first contains a link to an anonymous survey asking for feedback regarding the Onboarding process; the second is intended to be forwarded to your teachers and contains a link to our “Teacher Training” series. Like the Administrator Training, the Teacher Training is designed to help teachers familiarize themselves with Gradelink.


If you’ve already completed the Training but would like to view some of the videos again, we’ve also linked a playlist containing all of the content below: