When a new Enrollment student applies:

From the Students tab,

  1. 1. Press Add New to add them to Gradelink as a new student.

  2. 2. Change the Status from Active to New Enrollment.  Newly Enrolled students are within the category of Inactive students which prevents them from appearing on your rosters.  In the Fall, you can manually change their Status from New Enrollment to Active.

  3. 3. Enter the grade level the student is entering in Fall. When the new school year begins, you will first promote your current students up a grade level, then change the Status of the Newly Enrolled students to Active. If you don’t follow the steps in this order then your newly enrolled students will be promoted twice. If this happens, you can manually de-promote students one-by-one from the Students tab.

  4. 4. Save the Student entry.