After uploading the WISEid Export Report, you need to make sure that all students were uploaded correctly. To do so, click on Manage Person Data and go to the View Upload Results page.

On this page, there are three values that you should pay attention to: Errors, Potential Matches, and Committed.

Errors refer to issues that need to be corrected. The easiest way to correct an error is to make an adjustment to the WISEid Export Report that you downloaded and then re-upload it.

Potential Matches refers to students that partially match information already stored in the WISEid system but need further review. Potential Matches are sometimes created when data recorded in Gradelink doesn't match the data available to the DPI. It's important to review Potential Matches because not doing so can result in duplicate student records. For more information about potential matches, please click here.

Finally, Committed refers to students that were successfully processed and need no further adjustment or review.

When you have no more potential matches or errors, click Download on the right side of the page to generate the PER spreadsheet.