1. Click the Classes tab on the left sidebar.

2. Click on the "gear" button to the right of the Grade Scale drop-down menu.

3. Enter the desired title for the new Grade Scale under Grade Scale Name. This name only appears in the drop-down menu for Administrators. 

4. Additional Options:

A. Calculate GPA:  GPA will be applied to all classes to which this grade scale is assigned.

B. Show Percentage Grade:  Displays the percentage grade as well as the letter grade.

C. Deficiency Report:  This sets the grade threshold for the Deficiency Report, which can be accessed in Administrator Reports.  Classes in which the student is scoring at or below the threshold will display on the report.

D. GPA Boost:  If "Calculate GPA" is selected, this option can be used to determine how many additional "grade points" to apply to Honors/AP classes.  For example, if an "A" is normally worth 4 points, but it is worth 5 in an Honors/AP class, you can enter a value of "1".  The A grade is now worth 5 grade points instead of 4.

5. Click Add.