Terms are grading periods such as Quarters, Trimesters, or Semesters that can be assigned via Gradelink’s Terms tab, located on the left sidebar.  A new grading period can be started at any point in the year, and your terms can be set up with whatever title and start/end dates that you prefer.  Simply create a new term and choose when it will begin; all student schedules and related information will automatically carry from one term to another!  This feature provides the flexibility and customization that you need in order to accommodate your school’s specific grading periods throughout the academic year, and will guarantee that by creating your settings, you can roll them out for every following term in just a few steps.

Note: Gradelink can also promote all current students to the next grade level in a single click with the Promote button.  All of their previous information, including grades, attendance, billing, and profile information, will move with them!