• Click the Terms tab on the left sidebar.

• In the Term Title field, enter the full name as it would appear on a Transcript; i.e., “Semester 1 2016-2017”, “Quarter 3 2016-2017”, etc.

• The Report Title is the abbreviation that will appear within the column headers on your Report Card.  For example, if your Term Title is “Quarter 3 2016-2017”, your Report Title might be “Q3”.

• The Start Date and End Date boxes are for the first and last dates that fall within your term.  These dates affect values such as Attendance, so double check to make sure your correct dates are listed.

• The Active checkbox should be marked if the selected term is the current term.  It is possible to have multiple active terms at once.  Active Terms are designated by green text on the Term selection screen.  If multiple terms are marked as Active at once:

• The Classes tab will display the classes from whichever term comes later in the year.  Classes from prior terms can be accessed through the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Teachers will see any un-concluded classes from all terms that are marked as Active that they have been assigned to monitor.

• Similarly, students and parents will see all classes that the student is populated into for all terms marked as Active.

• The Parent Term drop-down menu is used when you want multiple terms to fall under a larger “umbrella” term, such as having two Quarters fall under a Semester parent term.

• Click Add when you are finished customizing your new Terms, or Submit Changes if you are done editing your existing Terms.

Note: When assigning a Parent term to sub-terms, such as assigning a Semester parent term to Quarter terms, be sure that the Start and End dates of the Parent term range from the Start date of the first sub-term to the End date of the last sub-term included; i.e., Semester 1 should have a Start Date that matches Quarter 1 and an End Date that matches Quarter 2.