1. Select which staff will follow up with prospective families.
    1. Click the Staff tab and select an Admin Full or Admin Limited account
    2. Be sure the staff member has an email address in the School email field
    3. Click Notifications and check “Receive Prospective Family Requests”.


Notifications can only be accessed after an email address is entered. The selected administrator(s) will receive email notifications when prospective families fill out the form online.


Email notifications will appear in the Admin’s inbox and will come from, “prospectInquiry@secure.gradelink.com” and will have the Subject line of, “A Prospective Family has requested more information”. We recommend that you set a filter to automatically flag these emails and never send them to the Spam folder.



TIP: Never miss an opportunity by setting up your email program to alert you when you get a new email.

Outlook alert pop-up window

Gmail Desktop Notifications

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