Sometimes a parent of a current student accidentally fills out and submits the New Enrollment form instead of the Re-Enrollment form. Importing a new enrollment as a re-enrollment will merge the EnrollMe data with the pre-existing data on the Students tab, and will change the student’s status found on the Students tab from “Active” to “Re-enrollment”.

1. Click the EnrollMe tab on the left sidebar.

2. Select the student application that you want to import as a re-enrollment (a selected application will be highlighted in yellow). 

3. On the Workflow sub-tab at the top of the page, make sure the form status is set to Approved, then select the correct student from the Link to Student (Import as reenrollment) drop-down menu. This tells Gradelink that they are the same student instead of two different students with the same name.

4. Click the Import sub-tab at the top of the page. 

5. Click the Create Import button. 

6. Click the Run Import button. 

Note: Be sure to follow the above steps exactly for this situation. If the “New Enrollment” form that the parent filled out is imported, you will have two accounts for the same student, with each possessing a different Student ID.