There are some event types in the Gradelink Calendar that are automated. These events are created and managed by Gradelink and the only setting that can be changed is their color. Here is a description of each automated event type:

  1. Assignment: This event type is made for every assignment in every class. The date for the event is listed as the due date of the assignment. This allows parents/students to see their upcoming assignments on the calendar and hopefully allows them to plan accordingly. These events will not show to students who are not enrolled in the class.
  2. Student Birthdays: This event is characterized by a small birthday cake on the calendar and is based off of the “Date of Birth” field for each student. This event will show to all administrators, as well as any teacher who has the student in any of their classes. Students/parents as well as teachers who do not have the student will not see the birthday cake.
  3. Non-School Days: These events are automatically placed on the Public Calendar whenever an administrator specifies a Non-School Day. These are great for holidays and inclement weather days. All parents, students, and staff can see these events. For more information see How to Specify Non-School Days.