If a student withdraws, you can just mark them as Inactive and optionally, add the withdrawal date. Their name will appear “grayed out” at the bottom of the grade books so you can preserve their partial grades.

  1. Click the Students tab and select a student.
  2. Change the Status from Active to Inactive.
  3. Enter a withdrawal date.
  4. Click Save.

For Withdrawn Students: 

  • No information is lost. Report cards, transcripts and attendance reports can still be run.
  • On the Students tab, the student’s name is moved to the inactive list.
  • Check “Show Inactive” above the list of students to see all inactive students.
  • The attendance roster will not show the student’s name for future dates.
  • In gradesheets, if the term is not completed, the students name will be grayed out and moved to the bottom.

Note: If you want to completely remove them from all grade books for the current grading period you’ll lose any grades/attendance entered for them during the current grading period. As a safety feature, Gradelink prevents removal of students from classes in which they have grades and/or attendance.