Gradelink offers schools the option to enable parent access to their child’s Discipline entries. Dates, locations, incident information and the resulting action taken by the school can all be shown or only certain fields can display to the parent depending on what a school prefers.

The image below shows the Discipline info from the Parent’s view. If entries exist on or immediately prior to the current date, Parents will see a Red flag indicator next to their Discipline tab. For previous days, the red flag will only show if the account has not yet accessed Gradelink since the entry appeared. In the center of their page they can view the total entries over a number of days that the school can set, as well as the specific information for each individual entry.

Here we can see the settings available to Administrators for what particular information is visible to parents. This includes changing the title of Discipline in English or Spanish to anything the school may prefer. In addition to turning Discipline on the Parent interface on or off, this section is where an Administrator can select how many days will pass before a student’s disciplinary actions are no longer visible to his or her parents.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Students.
  3. Select the options for Student/Parents.
  4. Save Changes