There are four access levels for Staff:
  • Admin Accounts: Full access accounts. We recommend having two such members at a minimum.
  • Admin (limited): Administrative accounts with customizable access levels.
  • Teacher Accounts: Faculty accounts have access to students and classes they have been assigned ( in the Active Term ).  Additional teacher permissions can be set for the group via the Settings  tab under the Teacher sub tab.
  • No Access Accounts: Are not able to log into Gradelink. This type of account is ideal for board members or parent volunteer whom you don’t want to have any access to Gradelink but do want to track emergency contact information, take notes and include in E-mail Blasts.

For Admin Limited accounts a selectable Permissions drop-down menu will appear below. Choose just the sections you want to grant access to, including Student information, grades, medical information, discipline and more. Now you can easily create restricted access accounts just for the school nurse, counselor, or even parent volunteers or student aides.