To speed up the enrollment process, Gradelink includes a Batch Import tool that allows all "Approved" students to be imported at once or just in specific groups.

To access the Batch Import tool, click on the Batch Import tab within EnrollMe.

The Batch Import page lists all students that have been "Approved" in the Workflow. Unlike when you import an individual student, when you batch import students, you are not required to create an Import plan.

To batch import students: 

1. Select the Students you would like to import.

  • If you only need to import a handful of students, you can click on their name. You'll know a student is selected because a check mark will appear to the left of the name. 
  • To queue all the students at once, click the Select All button.

2. Once you have selected the students to import, click the Run Import button.

Once the import is finished running, all student information will be updated in the Students tab.

If a student needs to be Re-Imported (for example, if changes have been made to their application AFTER importing them), click the Enable Re-Import check box in the upper right. This will cause already-imported students to display below.

Note: In order to prevent student grade levels from incrementing twice, importing will not change grade levels of existing students in the Students tab. This allows schools to use the promote feature without worrying about whether a student’s EnrollMe application has already increased their grade level.